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Interview Marion L by PWS

Interview de Marion L à la demande du blog de photographes Photos Worth Seeing.

Tell us something about yourself for a start:

Well, first of all, my name is Marion. I am french, architect, 35, mother, music lover, dreamer, unable to say static, quick to laugh, non-professional photographer, and painter. When did you start with photography? I started photography when I started my studies. But I found myself drag away by work. I discovered for the second time the urge of taking photos three years ago, on a two months stay in New-york. Taking photos has been my way of capturing and reading the world around me. What inspires you?

What inspires me is the moment. When there is a combination of light, potential framing, special mood. My subjects are very often urban, but what interests me at first is finding the beauty in every subject, and more often in what is neglicted, insignificant, banal. I believe you can potentially find beauty everywhere, provided that you put a little of yourself in it. The creation is a way of looking. My tools are the framing, the light, the contrast. I like shooting things and taking the spectator by the hand, looking in a way he maybe wouldn’t have imagine. Your photos have a special style. How do you process your photos?

I have several ways to work: I can shoot with my phone, and edit it in a second time to put forward what touched me in the subject. More often I take pictures with my Sony Alpha ILCE-5000. I have two different lens (16-50mm and a 50mm for portraits). I very often shoot with high contrast in black and white. But what is my favorite way to work is to put together two or sometimes three photos together and make kind of collage with it. I love to work with subjects totally opposite (sea and building for example) and look what emerges from this association. At start it’s always a feeling. Then it’s a play with layers, framing, masses, lines. But most of the time, it’s the image that imposes itself to me. And sometimes, I begin my work with an idea and the result is totally different that I wanted at first. It the same when I paint. I love it, like walking in an unknown world. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not. The walk is always pleasant. There´s a great variety on your blog. Does your mood influence your photos?

The variety on my blog comes from the differents media of course, but, yes, I can tell that my mood influences me. I take pictures (or make it) everydays. So I suppose my images pass some of my feelings. Nevertheless I feel sometimes as a witness of my environment: if the style and the subject can be different (colors, black and white, architecture, nature, etc…) I think there is in most of my images a research of an atmosphere and a mood. Well I hope so…

Thanks to you Stephi and all PWS team for asking me this interview! And keep going on tumblr’s people, you’re a huge source of inspiration!

Thank you for this interesting interview, Marion.

PWS - Stephi

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